Karl-Erik Enkelmann

Hi. I'm a bass player based in Berlin, Germany. If you have a passion for music, we should probably meet! Drop me a line:

mail (at) karlerikenkelmann.com

I play double bass, electric bass, guitar, synth bass and I've been getting pretty good at whistling. I sometimes take on projects if they are serious, professional and ambitious and if I love the music. I am for hire as a session bassist.

I am also a producer, mix engineer, and recording engineer. I work in an awesome studio in Berlin Friedrichshain. If you want to make recordings you will find me to be an excellent partner in doing so, contact me for details.

If you want to listen to some more of my music, check out my Soundcloud.

If you want to know what I have been up to lately, want to see pictures of me or get invited to upcoming shows, be my friend on Facebook.

Past releases:
Onom Agemo feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedi - Onin Okalan (Agogo, 2017)
Onom Agemo and The Disco Jumpers - Liquid Love (Agogo, 2017)
Rodinia - Ex Anima (NowAgain, 2017)
Johnny! - Ago (NowAgain, 2016)
Zorka Wollny and Christine Schorkhuber - Seven Miniatures (MonoType, 2016)
Johnny! - Only Love (NowAgain, 2016)
Alright Gandhi - Little Traveller (Makawi Music, 2016)
Julia Kadel Trio - Über und Unter (UMG Blue Note, 2016)
Rodinia - Drumside/Dreamside (NowAgain, 2015)
Alright Gandhi - Widening Circles (Makawi Music, 2015)
Onom Agemo and The Disco Jumpers - Cranes And Carpets (Agogo, 2015)
Julia Kadel Trio - Im Vertrauen (UMG Blue Note, 2014)

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